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Get Involved

We need your help to continue our vital work helping horses in need. There are many ways you can help both practically and financially - from leaving a legacy to adopting a resident to helping run our shop, every assistance is very welcome. Scroll down through this page to see how you can help - or just contact us if you have an idea that we haven't listed!


Help us financially - either through a one-off gift or a regular monthly donation.

In Person

Bonaventure Farm, Ruan Minor,
Helston, Cornwall,
TR12 7NA

By Phone



Adopt a Friend

You can follow the life and progress of many of our animals by adopting them - which will get you regular updates on their advenutres as well as helping to fund the Sanctuary.


Leave a Legacy

Remembering the Sanctuary in your Will means that your love for animals will live on, leaving a lasting legacy to help them for generations to come. Whether your gift is large or small, it can really make a huge difference to their future. For further information please email


Re-home a pony

Bolenowe Animal Sanctuary has a specialist Equine Rehoming Officer who is dedicated to finding new loving homes for horses once they have successfully passed through our training programmes. If you are interested in re-homing a horse, in the first instance please get in touch for a friendly chat.


Buy from our shop

We run a charity shop in Helston from which we sell many used items. We have racks of used books, clothes and many other items. All clothing is assessed for quality before being put up for sale and all proceeds go to support the Sanctuary and its residents. The shop is at 12 Coinagehall Street, Helston, TR13 8EB. You can contact the shop directly on 01326 554392

helston shop.jpg


We use a mix of professional staff and volunteers to look after our horses and operate the Sanctuary. Volunteers are always very welcome - working directly with the animals is hugely rewarding but you will need to be physically fit and able to commit to a regular timeslot, preferably on a weekly basis. To help in the shop you need to be customer focused and, again, we really need you to be able to commit to a regular slot so we can schedule. If you are unable to make a regular committment of time but still want to help there are plenty of other small jobs that need doing - from maintaining the memorial garden to operating the cafe. For any of the above just use the form below or call us on 01326 291272 and we will work with you to find an opportunity that suits you.

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